Bus Duct Types

The type of bus system can vary depending on its intended use.
  • Non-segregated
  • Segregated
  • Isolated phase
  • Rising mains (vertical bus systems)
  • Overhead bus (horizontal bus system)
  • Non-conventional bus systems

Non-segregated phase bus system

The bus phases are contained in a single metal housing with proper spacing from both the housing and each other, lacking any dividing barriers between the phases. This type of construction is favored for its simplicity and affordability, making it the most common choice for low-voltage systems. The latest trend is to adopt compact bus systems where feasible, due to their advantages.

The current ratings usually follow IEC 60059’s R-10 series, but may reach up to 6000 Amps depending on the application, such as connecting a large low-voltage alternator or the low-voltage side of a large transformer to its switchgear

A segregated phase bus system


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